Watch the Organist Entertains Easter Edition on YouTube


An Easter Edition has been put together and will permier on Friday 14th April at 8pm via our YouTube channel the link and player can be found above

As always please say hello in the live chat function πŸ‘‹ and tell us where you’re tuning in from 🌍

We have some favourite Eastertide carols for this holy week for some, post Holy Week and Easter

Apologies for the massive delay between this edition and the last one. Hopefully, it has been worth the wait!

The hymn/music list includes:

  1. There is a green hill far away
  2. All glory laud and honour
  3. Children of Jerusalem
  4. Hosanna, loud Hosanna
  5. On a hill far away
  6. My song is love unknown
  7. O sacred head sore wounded
  8. Praise to the holiest in the height
  9. God so loved the world
  10. Jesus Christ is risen today
  11. Thine be the glory

As always we appreciate your participation in joining in these organ videos. Please if you feel able to donate to our church. There is a donate button on our home page

The hymns can be found via

We hope you have had a very blessed Easter

If you would like to make a donation you can click the button on the home page, or if you wish to make a donation straight to our church account please contact and we will put you in touch with our treasurer.

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