Join our Church Choir…

We are looking for singers to join our church choir!

Have you missed singing regularly in a group?

New to Bellshill?

Looking for a choir to join?

Music is central to the life of Bellshill Central Church, inspiring us and enriching our worship.

We are fortunate to have a wonderful acoustic in our building and a great musical tradition.

We have an enthusiastic choir for all voice parts.

Our repertoire ranges from the traditional to more modern items of music.

The choir sings at the 11am Sunday church service. We also sing at the occasional special service or wedding.

The choir sing introits and anthems as well as leading the congregation in hymn singing. We rehearse once a week in the church on Wednesdays at 7.30pm.

We are a friendly group and new members will be warmly welcomed. If you are interested in joining, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch

The new choir session is scheduled to start on Wednesday 14 September.

Hymnathon May 2022

Good Evening everyone 

Our next hymnathon takes place this Saturday!

Saturday 14th May from 8am to 4pm

Alan will start at 8am, yes 8am!, playing from CH4. The Church will be open for anyone who wants to come along in person. He’ll finish at 4pm

If you have a favourite Hymn from CH4 or Mission Praise please let Alan know ASAP. 

His email is

However, to make sure your favourite Hymn included you’ll need to pay for it! Specific requests cost £5. 

Of course the fundraising is primarily through donations. And we thank you in advance!

If you know the church account details you can transfer direct. Use the reference Hymns22.

You can also use the church of scotland donation page, and this gives you the opportunity to Gift Aid. 

Donate online

Or finally, if you’re there in person you can leave a cash donation. 

Lunch will be 12pm to 1pm and you’re welcome to join Alan for a bite to eat (bring your own food of course) 

Tea and coffee will be available in the Church, you can help yourself. 

Please Support this marathon task, come along where you can, tune in online, donate and sponsor, and generally be part of the music on Saturday 14th May. 

If you can share the information on your own social media. Everyone really does like a good Hymn! 👍 

Many thanks 


How Great is Our God

Featuring in our worship 23rd January is Chris Tomlins How Great is our God.

In a Songfacts interview with Chris Tomlin, he talked about writing this song. Said Tomlin: “I wrote that song when I was living in Austin, Texas. I remember sitting on my sofa in my little apartment. And Psalm 104 was the psalm I was looking at. It said, ‘You our lord are very great. You’re clothed with splendor and majesty, wrap yourself with light as with a garment’ – through those opening verses and just describing a little bit of God, the glory of majesty, that little chorus came out. I started singing the chorus and, man, I had no idea, I thought the chorus was just a little simple thing and it was. And I had no idea it would become such a song in the church, and a song that finds its way in so many different cultures, different languages. It’s so transferrable, so accessible. I had no idea that it would ever become that.

I remember I had the song, I thought it was finished. I didn’t have a bridge to the song, and I met Ed Cash who produced that record it was on. First time meeting him and talking to him about maybe producing my new record. And I remember he picks his guitar up and says, ‘This ‘How Great is Our God’ song, I think it’s pretty good, but it’s not finished.’ And I’m like, ‘What are you talking about? Who do you think you are?’ And I remember him grabbing his guitar. I believe it was something about, ‘What if you do something like this?’ And I remember he just started singing, ‘You’re the name above all names, you are worthy of our praise.’ And it’s really good, but when you open up and let somebody else sneak in, it just makes it better. So that’s when we knew it was taking it to another level.”

One of Tomlin’s most popular songs, this won the awards for Song of the Year and Worship Song of the Year at the Dove Awards in 2006. The song has appeared on numerous compilation albums and was the title track to a live album recorded at the Passion Conference in 2005.

This song is often sung together with the hymn “How Great Thou Art.” Tomlin told Songfacts, “That song has such staying power. That song has been through many generations now of the church and it’s really cool when you hear those two together, they’re saying the same thing.”