Back to School Sunday

Sunday 19th August at 11.00am in Bellshill Central we are having an informal Back to School Sunday.  This will be an all age service, and the theme of the service is God speaking to us through the Bible.

We will offer prayers for the new school term and welcome parents, pupils, family members and school staff along.

back to school

Back to School Sundays aim to:

  • raise awareness of prayer for schools in general and the need for prayer for local schools in particular;
  • support and encourage Christian pupils and staff in their daily life at school, and as part of this, to let them know they are valued and prayed for by the local church;
  • challenge Christian pupils and staff to live out their faith in the school environment, and in particular to support any Christian witness in their¬†school.

Back to School with God Sunday church service is a fantastic way to pray for and support your young people and school staff at the start of a new school year.

It is an excellent bridge between church and school, and an encouragement to Christian pupils and staff to consider the fact that God is not confined to church, but goes with them to school.