Bellshill Central Parish Church – 2019 a year in photos

2019 at Bellshill Central has been a year of journeying together – all ages together – through the highs and lows. These images show our road taken, their essence remind us of where we have been. For what 2019 brought us – as family or individuals – we give thanks and look forward in Faith to 2020

Along the way we lost some much loved friends, family and precious ones. While we miss them terribly we remember them with the love they shared with us every day.

What’s the purpose of this year of pictures and memories? It’s to remind us that we are not just 4 walls, we are not just a building, we are a people. We are a busy and active congregation, and we are for all ages. We are inviting, welcoming and inclusive. We are the Church for YOU – our name says it plain and simple – BELLSHILL CENTRAL CHURCH – central to YOU!

Invitation to worship

Worship is for everyone who longs for God – believers and seekers. Worship is about honouring and praising our Lord and Saviour. It is a time when we gather together to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit, and express our joy and gratitude. The power of God’s word touches those who are hurting and awakens hope for the hopeless. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary worship, we invite you to celebrate the good news in Jesus Christ!

Sunday morning worship every week at 11am. You’re always welcome.

You will find a warm and friendly welcome here at Bellshill Central Parish Church of Scotland. We invite you to join us in a celebration of worship, christian fellowship, study and service. When you become a part of our exciting journey of faith, you will be encouraged, challenged and rewarded with renewed spirituality.

Christmas Carols from Bellshill Central Parish Church

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As we enter into the season of Advent, here are some Christmas Carols to put you in the mood. Half an hour of Christmas Carols, with some pictures of our lovely Church with it’s rich wood, soaring arches and glorious stained glass windows here at Bellshill Central Parish Church of Scotland, Bellshill’s Town Centre Church. Our Church Organist plays our superb pipe organ, a 1930 two manual and pedal Hilsdon organ.…

We invite you to join with us over the events planned in Nov/December here at CENTRAL CHURCH as we journey together in that wonderful story, told in word, song and drama with our entire Church Community.

The Carols are:

  • Angel Gabriel
  • As with gladness
  • Away in a manger
  • Coventry Carol
  • O Come, all ye faithful
  • O Come, O Come, Emanuel
  • Of the Father’s love begotten
  • Lord you were rich
  • Still the night
  • The First Nowell
  • While humble shepherds

Countdown to Christmas – it starts this weekend!

Come and celebrate Christmas here at the centre of Bellshill at Bellshill Central Parish Church – we have so much planned and we would love to welcome YOU and your FAMILY along to as many of our exciting events that you can manage to.

Afternoon tea tickets available NOW – contact us to reserve yours!

Central to CHRIST – Central to YOU – Central to BELLSHILL

Central this CHRISTmas