Sunday worship 31’st March 2019 at 11am

Welcome and Intimations (session clerk)
Bible is placed in pulpit
Congregational introit…Lenten Journey
Call to worship
Hymn Lord whose love in humble service (Sheet)
Prayer and Lord’s Prayer
Time with the children
Hymn These are the days of Elijah (MP 1012)
Musical Reflection
Reading/s Isaiah 61:1-7 and Luke 4:14-301
Hymn On Jordan’s banks the Baptist’s cry (CH4 334)
Sermon Jesus’ Mission Statement
Hymn Christ who called disciples to him (Sheet)
Prayers of intercession
Hymn Let us build a house (CH4 198)
Benediction and three-fold amen (Sung)
(May the God of peace CH4 786)


Sunday 1st October 2017 @ 11.00am

Order for Worship


Harvest Thanksgiving

We prepare to worship God
Welcome and Church Notices
Choir Introit – When all thy mercies (Godre’r Coed)
Call to worship
HYMN 152 For the beauty of the earth
Prayer and Lord’s prayer
We worship with the Children
Talk with the Children
HYMN (sheet) Bless the Lord O my soul (10,000 Reasons)
Offering and Dedication
We listen to God’s Word
1st READING: Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:13
ANTHEM Look at the world (John Rutter)
2nd READING: Revelation 2:1-7 (read by a Church Member)
HYMN 494 O, for a closer walk with God
SERMON: Before the stars go dark
We respond as Christ’s folk
HYMN 882 Lord of all hopefulness (t. Slane)
Prayers for others
HYMN 224 He who would valiant be
Benediction and 3-fold Amen
We go out into the world to LOVE and to SERVE


Sunday 9th July 2017 at 11 o’clock

isaiah-25-1I really do love you, please let me help you

We prepare to Worship God
Welcome and Intimations (session clerk)
Introit Welcome everybody, it’s good to see you here
Call to worship
Hymn 13 All hail the power of Jesus’ name
Prayer and Lord’s Prayer
We worship with the Young Folk
Time with the children
Hymn Our God is a great big God
Anthem CH4 575 Over my head, I hear music in the air
We listen for God’s Word
Reading/s Isaiah 25:1-9 and Luke 14:1-15
Hymn 702 Through all the changing scenes of life
We respond as Christ’s Folk
Hymn 385 Jesus, the name high over all
Prayers of intercession
Hymn 200 Great is Thy faithfulness
Benediction and three-fold amen
We go out, to Love and to Serve

Tea and Coffee are served after this service.  All are warmly invited.