Reflection for Advent Peace 

From light comes life.
Deep in expectant earth, a seed stretches.
Through the fire-start of imagination, an idea takes root.
In a passionate flash, love glows with infant intensity.
Safe in the womb, a child senses its season turning and stirs.
It is Advent, something coming, vulnerable in its unstoppable desire…
God, unquenchable light, may they grow – the seed, the love, the idea, the child.

In the settle and stir of a burnt-orange sunrise, in the lilting laughter around
a table full of friends, in the flash of clarity that turns on the light of
insight and leads us towards wisdom, we find the peace that passes all
But there are things we need to understand. Help us hear you in the
stories of those who struggle. Peace is what the prophets foretold.
Peace is what is sacrificed when profit takes precedence.
We light a candle for peace and pray for the courage to stand up for it.

In this second week of Advent, as the waiting and expectation heighten,
deepen our desire for peace. Like the wise called to journey in
those early dawning days, may we seek, strive, search for peace. Like the
prophets old and new, may we cry out for its coming.
We light a candle for peace. May it light the way.


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