Sunday 9th December 2018 at 11 o’clock


Welcome and Intimations
Please stand for the Bible to be placed in the pulpit
The Candle Song (wk2)

Light a candle bright and tall
For the Peace we wish to know.
Peace on Earth for great and small
God’s Good News to us bestows.
Shine within our hearts today
Come, O Peace, to us, we pray.
Lighting of Advent Candle

HYMN CH4 19 Ye gates lift up your heads
Time with the Children
HYMN CH4 279 Make way make way
Offering and Dedication
SCRIPTURE READINGS Matthew 24:36-44 and Romans 13:8-14
HYMN CH4 277 Hark the glad sound the saviour comes
SERMON – Get prepared for the unexpected
HYMN CH4 638 Lord we have come at your own invitation (old tune to Brightest and best) – Springfield (at MP 698)
HYMN CH4 737 Will your anchor hold (for those at sea/RNLI)
Benediction and 3-fold Amen
Christmas Blessing – Love came down at Christmas

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