A Psalm a Day – bible reading series

Beginning on 1st April, the start of a new month, we begin a new bible reading series. Each day we will post one of the great Psalms of the Old Testament.

Photo by nappy on Pexels.com

During this current time, there’s never been a better activity to do each day. Reading your bible as the old Sunday School song goes should be done every day. How many of us have let this practice slip? So, from 1st April a Psalm will be posted every day. Sometimes from the Good News bible, some from the King James, and some in more modern language. We’ll try and have a picture as a focus on the meaning of the psalm too. Keep an eye out on your inboxes, look at our Website for “A Psalm a Day”, our Facebook page and Twitter account to keep up with the daily series.

The book of Psalms (also known as the Psalter) is a collection of 150 poems, prayers, hymns and meditations. It consists of five collections of Psalms (1–41; 42–72; 73–89; 90–106; 107–150) which have evidently been gathered together at different times because there are a few duplicates. All the psalms are addressed to God, whether they are giving thanks for what he has done or begging for help in a time of crisis. The psalms give us an insight into the life and spirituality of God’s people and have been used continually in both Jewish and Christian worship. Because the psalms are so personal and portray such genuine human emotion, they remain as powerful today as they always were.

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