A final reflection with the Psalms in 2020

Time Is tiching Away

20 # Short Commentary and Lesson from Psalm 90.12

There are only 8,760 hours in each year. Nearly half of that time is spent sleeping, eating, and commuting to and from work. The average job consumed another 2,080 hours, leaving only a quarter of the year for everything else.
How are you using your time? When you life is coming to an end how will you see your life in light of moral and spiritual issues? “What  good did you receive from the things you did? All you have to show for them is your shame, and they lead to death. Sin pays off with death. But God’s gift is eternal life given by Jesus Christ our Lord” (romans 6.21,23). Time is ticking away; don’t waste it.

A reflection from the Psalms-Psalm 69

Drowning in Misery

17 # Short Commentary and Lesson from Psalm 69.1-3, 13-17

You’ve lost your job, the car needs to be rapaired, the kids have been fighting again, and your “friends” have deserted you.

Your feet feel like they are planted in thick mud and the river is quickly rising to your chin. Your voice is hoarse and your eyes are swollen from your tears. Where is God when you need him?

Don’t be afraid, for despite your overwhelming circumstances, God can be trusted (vv. 30-36), The day will soon come when you can “tell the heavens and earth to start singing! Tell the mountains and every tree in the forest to join in the song! The Lord has rescued his people; now they will worship him” (Isaiah 44.23)

Psalms – a look at Psalm 150

Praise the Lord With Music

33 # Short Commentary and Lesson from Psalm 150.6

Martin Lther wrote, “Music is one of the fairest and most glorious gifts of God, to which Satan is a bitter enemy, for it removes from the heart the weight of sorrow, and the fascination of evil thoughts.”
Music is the language of emotions in the same way that speech is the language of the intellect. It can express the inexpressible. When words alone or musical notes alone are insufficient, the simple song can bled the two together in an eloquent statement of glorious praise.
In heavenm the occupation of the angels is eternal praise (Revelation 5.11-13). Music is a symbol of our sacred responsibility to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Shout praises to the Lord!

Promises For Us

Songs! They do so many things in life. They celebrate happy events like birthdays and weddings. Songs motivate athletes, soldiers, and ordinary people. Songs summarize the character and aspirations of nations. They tell stories that keep heroes and villains alive. Songs help people mourn; songs help them dance. They help us worship.
Songs touch our emotions before they touch our thoughts. Perhaps that’s why so many songs sing of romance. The music of youth is filled with finding, keeping, and losing love. ” Oldies but goodies” remind the middle-aged of the wonders of young love. Songs spring from the heart and touch the heart.
The Psalms are songs of believing hearts in every imaginable situation. Here is a collection of lyrics that can help as deal with anger and depression, joy and hope, fear and doubt, life and death, hatred and love. A common chorus to many of the psalms is, “I asked the Lord for help, and he saved me from all my fears” (Psalm 34.4)

Todays Psalm reflection Psalm 136

His Love Endures Forever

30 # Short Commentary and Lesson from Psalm 136

No matter what confronts us, God’s love never fails! We may try to create substitutes for God, but none can really compare. Throughout history God has always brought his people out of the most difficult situations (vv. 10-22)
You will notice that four words rpeat throughout this psalm – “God’s love never fails.” There may be times in our loves when it seems that things don’t go exactly as we’d like. We may even feel that God has failed us. But once we have had some time and distance from those situations, we see that God knew what we did not know. We see that his love did not fail us after all. God’s Word is true and we can be certain that he does not fail us.