Todays Psalm reflection Psalm 136

His Love Endures Forever

30 # Short Commentary and Lesson from Psalm 136

No matter what confronts us, God’s love never fails! We may try to create substitutes for God, but none can really compare. Throughout history God has always brought his people out of the most difficult situations (vv. 10-22)
You will notice that four words rpeat throughout this psalm – “God’s love never fails.” There may be times in our loves when it seems that things don’t go exactly as we’d like. We may even feel that God has failed us. But once we have had some time and distance from those situations, we see that God knew what we did not know. We see that his love did not fail us after all. God’s Word is true and we can be certain that he does not fail us.

One thought on “Todays Psalm reflection Psalm 136

  1. Thank you sincerely for posting this beautiful Psalm 136. Our Lord is with us at all times, He helps us through our darkest times. He is with us constantly. Our Lord watches over us and gives us shelter during the the harshest storms of life. Let us be grateful and praise our Lord through our actions in word and constant prayer.

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