A Psalm a Day – Psalm 26

Lord, defend me.
    I have lived an innocent life.
I trusted the Lord and never doubted.
Lord, try me and test me.
    Look closely into my heart and mind.
I see your love.
    I live by your truth.
I do not spend time with liars.
    I do not make friends with people who hide their sin.
I hate the company of evil people.
    I won’t sit with the wicked.
I wash my hands to show I am innocent.
    I come to your altar, Lord.
I raise my voice in praise.
    I tell of all the miracles you have done.
Lord, I love the Temple where you live.
    It is where your greatness is.
Do not kill me with those sinners.
    Do not take my life with those murderers.
10 Evil is in their hands.
    They do wrong for money.
11 But I have lived an innocent life.
    So save me and be kind to me.
12 I stand in a safe place.
    Lord, I praise you in the great meeting.

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