The Organist Entertains Episode 2


The next Episode of the Organist Entertains premieres on Wednesday night at 8pm on the church YouTube channel

I’m looking forward to introducing you to another three hymn requests, brought to you from Bellshill Central Parish Church and its glorious pipe organ.

The hymns are

  • Love divine all loves excelling (Blaenwern) requested by Elspeth
  • Highland Cathedral (requested by Sheena & Tom)
  • You shall go out with joy l/w Jubilate (requested by Jillian and Ayesha)

Stay tuned right to the end for an extra item too!

This episode was recorded on Sunday 17th May and I forgot that I was video recording, so apologies for some bare legs and shorts! However, this may buck the stereotypical Organist look for many, but Bellshill are well used to seeing the Organist like this.

If you’d like a request please just get in touch, I’ll try to include it.

We regularly have sponsored hymns for a special date, such as birthdays, anniversaries etc) and you can do that too. A small donation is all that’s needed.

The next Organist Entertains should be premiering on Sunday 24th at 8pm,then the following Monday.

I hope you all enjoy Episode 2 and sing up loud and strong. Take care, see you soon.


Alan Mathew, Organist

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