The Organist Entertains @ BCPC

Our Organist Entertains series is going from strength to strength. However, our maestro has taken a little break which means the content has changed for the Wednesday episodes for a few weeks.

We celebrated in our 21st milestone episode on Sunday 26th July and will premiere episode 22 with your requests and/or dedications on Sunday 2nd August at 8pm. You can watch that episode here

This week’s “midweek” Episode will premiere at 8pm on 5th August and will feature clips from two concerts held in Bellshill Central Parish Church which the organ plays a role in. The link will be made available as usual. The music is a mix of choral and organ. On Sunday 9th August at 8pm the regular requests will be available.

Please tell us your requests for our ongoing episodes. Get in touch via email or Facebook or Twitter. If you’re part of the Bellshill WhatsApp group you can tell us there also.

Finally, lots of people have week by week sent messages expressing their thanks to our Maestro, Alan Mathew, for taking the time and making the effort to compile the lists, record the videos, research the items and edit together into the Organist Entertains episodes. We’re sure that you all agree with the sentiments of these messages and want to thank Alan for this music ministry helping keep you connected with each other and your Church.

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