Young Church Online – memory verse!

Todays young church online is a little different. We’re introducing our first memory verse!

A memory verse is something all adults and children can take part in.

Todays verse is:

Ephesians 4:32 – Be kind to one another.

Mum’s & dad’s, grannies & grandpa’s, teachers and friends…….. Help our children to talk about what it means to be kind.

  • What things can someone do to be kind?
  • When did we last do something kind?
  • How did being kind make you feel?
  • Make sure you do an act of kindness everyday 😊


Make a colourful craft making sure to include our memory verse

“Be kind to one another”

  • You could make a bookmark 🔖📚
  • You could draw a picture of something you did being kind 🖼️❤️
  • Write a poem about kindness, perhaps how you feel when you are kind to someone or someone is kind to you.

This craft is all up to you! We want to see your pictures of what you’ve thought up, and created.

Get help to record a video of you, and you friends, or with mum and dad saying this week’s memory verse………. EPHESIANS 4:32 – BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER.

Remember to send your pictures and videos to Bellshill Central Parish Church on Facebook or Twitter @bellshillcentral

Every morning say together our memory verse, as you leave for school or go out to play

Each night as you go to bed say our memory verse.

Get everyone at home to say it together. You’ll notice how good it feels being kind to others.

To finish off young church here’s a song to sing 😊🎶

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