A PSALM A DAY – Psalm 113

Psalm 113 International Children’s Bible

Psalm 113 - NIV Bible - Praise the LORD.Praise the LORD, you his servan...

Praise for God’s Kindness

Praise the Lord!

Praise him, you servants of the Lord.
    Praise the name of the Lord.
The Lord’s name should be praised
    now and forever.
The Lord’s name should be praised
    from where the sun rises to where it sets.
The Lord is supreme over all the nations.
    His glory reaches to the skies.

No one is like the Lord our God.
    He rules from heaven.
He bends down to look
    at the skies and the earth.
The Lord lifts the poor from the dirt.
    He takes the helpless from the ashes.
And he seats them with princes,
    the princes of his people.
He gives children to the woman who has none.
    He makes her a happy mother.

Praise the Lord!

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