A Psalm a Day – Psalm 114

Psalm 114 New International Version

When Israel came out of Egypt,
    Jacob from a people of foreign tongue,
Judah became God’s sanctuary,
    Israel his dominion.

The sea looked and fled,
    the Jordan turned back;
the mountains leaped like rams,
    the hills like lambs.

Why was it, sea, that you fled?
    Why, Jordan, did you turn back?
Why, mountains, did you leap like rams,
    you hills, like lambs?

Tremble, earth, at the presence of the Lord,
    at the presence of the God of Jacob,
who turned the rock into a pool,
    the hard rock into springs of water.

One thought on “A Psalm a Day – Psalm 114

  1. For Bellshill Central Church with special reference to Reverend Kevin de Beer, thank you most sincerely for posting this very moving and beautiful Psalm114. Thank you Reverend Kevin de Beer for having me on your mailing list. Apologies but I don’t know how to reply to “WordPress” With love and my humble prayers. Lee at home

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