Organist Entertains – Mini 7 and Episode 43

Good evening folks

Having just listened to the PM and the FM today we find ourselves in another lockdown

This is indeed a blow – a blow and delay in our eventual return to our churches

However the organist entertains seeks to help keep you connected with your Church, the building, it’s surroundings and the sounds of the organ.

The Mini Services of Festive Episodes concludes on Tuesday at 12pm, appropriately with Love came down at Christmas

Our main weekly episodes resume on Wednesday at 8pm with number 43

We feature some of your requests and suggestions, and wish one of our followers a happy birthday

Get in touch with your requests, dedication and suggestions

At the end of Episode 43 stay tuned for a thank you and an update into how many views all our videos have had! 😊

Take care.

Bellshill Central Church of Scotland

Registered Charity: SC012556

346 Main Street, Bellshill, ML4 1BA

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