UPDATE – Hymnathon 2021

Good Day Everyone!

I just thought I would remind everyone about this week’s Fundraising event taking place online via Hymnathon 2021 – Bellshill Central Church (click the link for full details)

Thanks to those who have already requested a particular hymn or set of hymns. These will be included and played in their entirety.

I just wanted to say that you should take part and donate as you are able to do so. I am aware that there have been some “high value” donations, for which I am truly thankful for, but any donation however small is greatly received and appreciated.

For Bellshill Central folks, you can add your donations to your Fundraising Jar, or pay direct into the bank that you pay your offerings to – just mark the reference as “Hymnathon” that way Zandra and June can allocate to the right place.

If you are not a Bellshill Central member or attender you can simply make a donation via the Church of Scotland online payment option for our congregation – its a simple and safe way to donate. You can find that payment page here – Donate to Bellshill Central Parish Church – Church of Scotland

Please choose your Hymns from CH4 (Church Hymnary 4th Edition) that is the plan for the day – for me to play as many hymns out of that particular book as possible. I may not make it right to the end, so that’s why I am asking for requests. If you are making a request please have it to me by Friday 30th April, so the list is ready for Saturday morning. Here is an online version of CH4 to help you choose – Church Hymnary (4th ed.) | Hymnary.org

The Hymnathon will be available from the main page, and on our YouTube channel. Please tune in, participate in some live chat, and sing along at home!!!

Many thanks

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