Bellshill Central Parish Church – 2019 a year in photos

2019 at Bellshill Central has been a year of journeying together – all ages together – through the highs and lows. These images show our road taken, their essence remind us of where we have been. For what 2019 brought us – as family or individuals – we give thanks and look forward in Faith to 2020

Along the way we lost some much loved friends, family and precious ones. While we miss them terribly we remember them with the love they shared with us every day.

What’s the purpose of this year of pictures and memories? It’s to remind us that we are not just 4 walls, we are not just a building, we are a people. We are a busy and active congregation, and we are for all ages. We are inviting, welcoming and inclusive. We are the Church for YOU – our name says it plain and simple – BELLSHILL CENTRAL CHURCH – central to YOU!