Weekly news and announcements – week commencing 20th February

As the Church of Scotland in Bellshill we extend a warm welcome to any of our activities. People have been coming to this building to worship God for over a hundred years. While our town has journeyed through many changes over those years, the constancy of the witness of the “Church at 346 Main Street” has remained uninterrupted. The mission of any Church is to reflect through its presence, its music, its fellowship and its beauty the greatness of God, and we seek to do that here in all that we share.

We hope that everyone who enters these doors will find an encouraging, friendly group of people. While we are far from perfect, we are regularly discovering truths that are changing us individually and enriching our lives as a church community. As we worship together, learn from the Bible, and pray for one another, we are strengthened in our commitment to Jesus Christ as well as to each other. If this is your first time here, we welcome you, and invite you to share the joy that we have found.

Our Sunday services continue each week at 11am at 346 Main Street, where we encourage you to #comeasyouare to worship and experience the warmth and love of a Christian family on a journey of faith together.

This coming Sunday, 24th February 2019, our minister Kevin de Beer continues his new sermon series based on his book Fifteen Minutes to Read. This week’s theme is “MOSES AND THE TEN COMMANDMENTS”. Kevin conducts an act of Adult Dedication as part of our worship.

The bible readings are Exodus 20 vs 1-7 and Matthew 19 vs 16-30. Our hymns include two biblical hymns Gods law is perfect and gives life & I have brought you out of Egypt. Other hymns are Be stilland know that I am God and I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold. Multimedia duty this week by Hugh Ainsley.

Sunday school children meets each Sunday morning. Children from P1 to S6 are welcome to come along to church, and either gathers in the front pews or in the hall. You’re guaranteed a warm welcome, perhaps some hot chocolate and fun activities.

All welcome. #comeasyouare ** Please do come and take part in our worship our doors are always open and a warm welcome awaits you. The service is live streamed as usual via our YouTube channel just visit our website to take part.

ORGANISATIONS MEET AT THE FOLLOWING TIMES (beginning week commencing Wednesday 20th February)

  • Wednesday at 7.00pm the church bowls club meets. Experienced player or not, you would be welcome to come along.
  • Wednesday mornings the Music Makers and Shakers Classes continue at 10.00am and 11.00am. Please check out their own website for more details. They meet each week in our Church Hall. https://musicmakersandshakers.class4kids.co.uk/info/659
  • Thursdays – the Brownies and Guides meet. The Brownies meet at 6.15pm an the Guides meet at 7.45pm. All existing girls are welcomed back. Any new girls need to register via the website.
  • The Church Choir meets for weekly practise on Friday (22nd) at 7.15pm in the Church. We have Easter and Holy week to prepare for, so are starting early! New members welcome. Love of Music and Singing – we’ll supply the rest! **PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING WEEKS PRACTISE IS ON WEDNESDAY 27Th FEBRUARY. **
  • The Friday night club meets at 7.30pm (22nd February). They meet fortnightly in the church hall, and have activities for ALL AGES and interests. Crafting, table games, table tennis, toys for the youngsters, Wi-Fi enabled hall. Copious amounts of tea/coffee and goodies! A warm welcome to all.
  • Monday afternoon (Monday 25th February) The Church Guild meets — Open to both ladies and gents — at 1.30pm. This week is a speaker from the sailors society, the Rev Becky Haldane ring. Devotions by Helen Clark. Vote of thanks by Peggy Walker.
  • Rainbows continue on Tuesdays at 6.00pm in the church hall. All existing girls are welcomed back. Any new girls need to register via the website.


  • Friday 1st March is World Day of Prayer. Services at 3pm at the Salvation army and 7.30pm in Burnhead Church, Uddingston.
  • Sunday 3rd March – Baptism service and tea after church.
  • Sunday 10th March – at 11.00am is our next Communion service. All who love the Lord are invited to share in this simple meal. Retiring offering for Scottish Autism.
  • Tuesday 12th March at 7.30pm, the Kirk session and Church board meet for their monthly meetings. Remember these meetings are open to all church members.
  • Saturday 30th March – DAFFODIL TEA – more details to follow!
  • Sunday 14th April straight after church, Palm Sunday with Hot Cross Bun Lunch after the Service. No Charge. A special thank you to all our loyal and generous church members
  • Monday 15th April – 7.00pm Special service at Bellshill Central to start Holy Week, with a combined choir presenting portions of STAINER’S CRUCIFIXION with readers telling the Holy week story. ALL WELCOME.
  • Sunday 21st April – Easter Sunday. 9.00am Early Morning Service outdoors in the Church Garden followed by Breakfast in the Church Hall. 11.00am All Age Family Service with Communion.
  • Sunday 12th May at 3pm – Start of Christian Aid week with a BIG SING for all – held at Bellshill Central Parish Church – raising funds for CHRISTIAN AID


Our church website has a new address – http://www.bellshillcentral.church – Please update your bookmarks and browsers – and have a look at all the activities that take place. Please visit the updates which happen regularly, including News Items, details of our worship services, and the Church tour. There are links to our #YouTube channel, #Facebook and #Twitter pages where even more information and insights can be found. Nip online to look at what’s happening.


Please visit our Prayer page on our website (look for the prayer button at the top) – there is an online prayer request form which will send your prayer direct to our minister, Rev Kevin. Prayer Requests – Our church has provided a Prayer Book which is situated in the main vestibule for anyone to pop in a note of concern or anxiety they would like prayer for. We are a Parish Church and are here for you in times of joy and sadness. Kevin is available to the local community to offer spiritual support or to simply offer prayer. If there is something that you think your local church could be doing to offer services and/or support to our local community please get in touch via the Minister, Session Clerk, Facebook or website – Our church email address is bellshillcentral@gmail.com


Check out Kevin’s very own YouTube Channel where he reaches out to our local community sharing insight, thought and reflection, with his current journey called #21words. A link to his channel is available from our website, or simply look up Kevin de Beer. Subscribe and continue to follow his inspirational messages. Kevin’s latest video blogs include themes of Now, Nowhere or is it Now Here, Named, and Affirmed. Some videos have had nearly 300 views – help spread the news of Kevin’s online ministry far and wide.


LOOKING TO HIRE A HALL OR ROOM? We have spaces on most Monday & Tuesday evening’s, Friday mornings and afternoons, most Saturday’s all day, and Sunday afternoon and evening. Competitive hourly rates for this central location with parking directly opposite.

We have installed Wi-Fi which means we can offer facilities for online events taking place in the church and halls. Visual display screens are fitted in our sanctuary and are ideal for conferences and presentations. Portable visual equipment can be made available for use in the Halls and Vestry. Please ask.


Should you be unable to attend worship but would like to share in the recorded services, you can do so LIVE each Sunday from 11:00am via the Church’s website and also our Facebook and our YouTube channel are updated regularly. You can find out more information on Sunday Services, Weekly activities and catch up with our services from our uploaded videos. We are LIVE on the Internet most Sunday mornings, and occasionally with other events we hold.

An interview with Hugh Ainsley

Continuing our effort to introduce the folks of Bellshill Central to the rest of the church family, visitors and the wider community we are interviewing various “well kent faces” from the congregation.  This time we interview our friend Hugh Ainsley, who is also an Elder at Bellshill Central.

12973353_10153597006827613_796509675598373409_oMy first name is actually George. My father was George Henry Ainsley and was always called Harry, so I suspect that is why my parents always used my middle name.

I lived at home with my parents until I was 30 and in 1984 moved out, buying my first home in MacDonald Grove, Bellshill. As a child I had gone with my parents to Flowerhill Church in Airdrie but my mother stopped going to church when I was in my teens, although my father continued to attend. On moving to Bellshill I decided to try out my local church and enjoyed the services at Orbiston with minister Charlie Greig. I continued to attend Orbiston even after I moved to Larkhall and then after working for 8 months in the Middle East when I came back to Orbiston Martin Johnstone was the new minister.

It was Martin who asked me to become an elder, although I pointed out that I wasn’t good at talking to people and wouldn’t be comfortable doing elder visits. Because of this and also since I didn’t live in the parish I was given the postal district to take care of and also took on the role of looking after the church roll. By this time I had moved house again, back to my roots in Airdrie, just a mile from where my parents still lived, but I continue to attend Orbiston. When the churches were due to merge and there was a lot of uncertainty I considered moving to Calderbank church which is near where I stay but I decided to wait and see how the merger would go and made up my mind to decide once a new minister was appointed. As the churches merged I made many new friends from the MacDonald Memorial congregation and like I think all the other members I enjoyed working with our locum Iain and so I had made up my mind to stay unless I really didn’t like the new minister when he/she was appointed. (Kevin, I’m still here!)

My favourite hymn is probably “How Great Thou Art”, although I am also fond of any hymn sung to either Sibelius’s Finlandia or Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. Another reason for my deciding to stay with Bellshill Central was my enjoyment of the organ and I have enjoyed working with Alan for many of our special events.

As you all know my day job is being a maths teacher at Larkhall Academy. For the past three and a half years I have been on phased retirement working only Monday to Wednesday. However I am kept extremely busy with a lot of voluntary work and (including the church board and session) I sit on about 10 different committees and so have meetings to attend most weeks. I am convener for Scottish Schools badminton and Area Organiser for Lanarkshire Schools badminton and also am a member of the Technical Commission for International Schoolsport Federation Badminton, being involved with the running of the World Schools championships every two years. Most recently this has taken me to Bulgaria, Malta and Taipei. If I am not in church on a Sunday I will usually be sitting at a desk with my laptop running a badminton event. I also am a member of Hamilton District Sports Council and I now do a lot of work for the United Kingdom Maths Trust, and have been a coordinator of maths competitions in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Carlisle.

When I am at home I enjoy working in my garden, reading books and listening to music. I enjoy classical music, particularly the works of Tchaikovsky and Wagner. My favourite classical singers are Placido Domingo and Jessye Norman and my favourite non classical artist is the French conductor Franck Pourcel who died in 2000. I am trying to complete my collection of all the tracks he ever recorded and have well over 100 CDs, LPs and tapes of his music. My music collection consists of around 2000 albums and my book collection is also well over 1000 so it is just as well that I am now progressing to having my music and literature on my kindle as I am running out of storage space.

I would like to see people throughout the world working together to avoid conflict. In the badminton world I have seen so many people each trying to do their own thing and not working with others for the better good. In my early years on the ISF technical commission we had difficulty at the meetings because my colleague from France didn’t speak good English and my French wasn’t good enough to follow a discussion in a meeting. I therefore think we need to do more to try to learn foreign languages as I don’t believe we should always expect everyone else to speak our language.

At school the three subjects I didn’t like were P.E., music and art. Strangely enough I then got involved with sport and have enjoyed playing tennis, golf, squash and badminton although the only one I still play is badminton. I also developed a liking for music but have never really got around to appreciating art.

My only relatives are 2 cousins, both of whom are older than me and we only meet 3 or 4 times a year. I find it difficult to make friends and am particularly uncomfortable in crowds unless I have a job to do and so enjoy the companionship of the church here at Bellshill Central.